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D.L. SchizoAuthoress [userpic]

A plague upon children with permanent markers...

March 20th, 2010 (09:06 am)

...and stupid doll dealers that use hairspray!

I won a lot of dolls that the eBay auctioneer got from a doll dealer getting rid of her stock. There were some pretty good finds, in regards to clothing and accessories, but several of the dolls were in poor condition.

Some idiot child was apparently very, very confused about the purpose of multicolored hair...the Glitter and Gold Rio, the broken-legged Shana, and the Aja doll in this lot were given black hair with permanent marker. And the dumbass dealer that had the dolls prior to the auctioneer only exacerbated the issue by styling each doll's hair (including a good condition Jerrica/Jem with uncut hair, and an otherwise excellent Video) with hairspray.

*facepalm* Doll hair is plastic, not human. Hairspray is only for use on human hair. Hairspray will degrade doll hair.

Video has some black staining on her hair...I'm going to strip her down and wash the hair with soap and warm water, hoping for the best. Her lips were also outlined in red...I'm probably going to have to strip off the lip paint with acetone and repaint it.

Aja is so badly stained and mistreated that I removed her head and plan to rehair her instead of wasting my time trying to wash out the black. I've already tried about three times, and while the lather turns grey and a little bit rinses out each time, I'd have to do it for HOURS to see any improvement at all.

I already have a near-mint GnG Rio and a good-condition regular Rio. I stripped the blackened-hair GnG Rio of his clothes (regular Rio's jacket and pants and shoes, a non-Jem tuxedo shirt) and dressed regular Rio. The shoes have some staining, but we'll clean those and see how it goes. I might make a Craig Phillips from this doll.

I have a full Aja doll outfit (no shoes, of course) -- the shirt has a few spots of wear, the skirt looks like crap, the tights have a stain. I also have a full Shana outfit -- the dress and panties are in great condition, and one of the two jackets is also excellent. The pink Jem dress has some spots of wear, as does one of the Shana jackets. The extra Pizzazz dress is in similar condition to the one I already have. Video's clothes just need some minor repairs (resewing one side of the metal snap on the jacket, maybe fixing the V-sticker so it sticks for good). There are also two first-edition Jem bracelets -- one with the stone, one missing the stone.

The lot also came with a Rob doll (from the Maxie line) dressed in 'Universal Appeal' (the red Rio outfit). There's one bizarre spot of fading on the right shoulder of the shirt, but it's fine otherwise. I'm thinking of giving Rob evil eyebrows and dark hair...instant Eric Raymond!

For the Jem/Jerrica that came with the lot, I'm going to wash her hair/clean her face and replace her batteries (was planning to do so for the Jem/Jerricas I already have). I'll probably dress her in the Jerrica dress and tights (after drafting a pattern from the dress) and resell her on eBay. I'm keeping the Jem dress and belt for myself, though.

Shana's going to be the toughest, since she's actually broken.

D.L. SchizoAuthoress [userpic]

Backhanded Inclusiveness and the Holograms

January 31st, 2010 (03:41 am)

current mood: aggravated

So my effort to create the "How Does It Feel" costumes and a more cartoon-faithful 'Winning Is Everything' has been temporarily put on hold -- I have to seam-rip the homemade pants that miraculously fit (both the NKOTB/Eric body and the headless Stormer/Lin-Z body, though the waist is a bit large on the girl). My original paper pattern yielded a bodysuit of fail that had to be cut off the doll. The miracle pants should at least give me a better idea of the proportions needed on the hips and legs for the bodysuit.

In the meantime, I figured I'd grab some of my leftover gold metallic spandex and attack the challenge of re-creating Jem's Glitter and Gold wrap skirt. I need to wait (to earn my free swatches from my latest order) on recreating the furry stole. (for my own reference, I need Solid Short Fur in White)

I got distracted, as is my wont, by the lure of studying the white 'swimsuit' piece of GnG Jem's outfit. Vaguely recalling that the rest of the Holograms wore similar, but more colorful versions of the white-top-and-wrap-skirt outfit, I decided to trace the front of the 'swimsuit' onto some pieces of white (matte) cotton spandex. Going to repurpose some old spandex-y lace trim to decorate the fronts, after I reshape each neckline to match the differences per Hologram.

Recalling the way that Jetta earned a matching 'theme outfit' for the second version of "Welcome to the Jungle", I checked Pranceatron's Jem Cartoon Wardrobe page for the Glitter and Gold episode to see if there were any other episodes where all four Holograms were wearing their GnG "basics". That episode is The Fan.

The Fan comes after Raya joins the band, so one would expect that she gets her own GnG type fashion. And she does...sort of. It wouldn't be so bad if they stuck her in one of the pre-existing GnG fashions (like Kimber and 'Fire and Ice'; Shana in 'Gold Rush' and Aja in 'Moroccan Magic'), but no...they give her an outfit that maybe, kinda-sorta looks like it fits with the other "basic" GnG outfits...except the bitch is teal green.

Teal. Fucking. Green.

"Oh," you're saying right now, "Dani's just upset because teal green isn't a good color for Raya..." but that's not it. No. All the other Holograms get white tops like Jem. Raya sticks out like a sore thumb because her top is teal fucking green instead of white. What a way to broadcast "hey this chick came late to the party". I kinda wonder what the in-universe explanation for that one was:

("Uh, sorry, Raya... I know we said you'd be getting a dress just like ours, from the 'Glitter and Gold' album, to wear for the upcoming concert, but... Shana ran out of the white satin she used. Not to worry, though! She had plenty of teal green, so she just used that for all the parts of your dress!" And Raya smiles sweetly as she's presented with the anything-but-just-like-theirs dress, tries it on and models for the others as they coo over how nice she looks. Then she goes home and takes out her copy of the Glitter and Gold album, holding it in one hand as she stands in front of a full-length mirror; she can't see anything but the differences, and even though it makes her feel ashamed and ungrateful, she starts to cry. Just another clue that she doesn't really belong with the Holograms -- that they were happy and complete without her, long before she came along.)

Raya doesn't stand out so much the next time we see the teal green dress, because it appears for a short segment at the beginning of Father's Day where the other Holograms are dressed in the produced GnG fashions I listed above. It's acceptable, I guess, but Raya would look gorgeous in 'Golden Days, Diamond Nights'... I think that fashion got associated with Jem via a video cassette cover, more's the pity ('Midnight Magic' is ruined by the hooded blue thing, and 'Purple Haze' is just a furry purple coat...*shudder*).

Cripes, I mean, at least when the Misfits had to make another theme costume, they got the style and colors to match. (Pizzazz has a green top, purple belt, yellow-patterned skirt; Roxy has a purple top, green skirt, and yellow/gold accessories; Stormer has a green top and a purple skirt patterned in yellow.) Jetta has a yellow top and a purple skirt with a unique yellow pattern. They all wear purple shoes.

I know that it's really the fault of the animation team (or the fashion designers), but dammit, I'm a fanfiction writer and I look for story fodder to support my insane theories everywhere.

(I'm making one teal green top and one white top for Raya. Canon-compliance and my sense of justice both fulfilled.)

D.L. SchizoAuthoress [userpic]

No toothaches here... *wink*

January 30th, 2010 (08:37 pm)

Just call me Bobby Stark. After plenty of practice on the one-piece bodysuits of my Tenko and the Guardians of the Magic dolls, I think I've gotten good enough to tackle some Misfits outfits. I grabbed half a yard of navy blue "dance/swim" spandex fabric at JoAnn today.

I'm definitely going to recreate 'Winning is Everything'. (A pic from Pranceatron) The bright-pink sleeveless bodysuit that one of my Pizzazz dolls came with should work fine as a pattern, once I remove the horrible sewn-in orange mesh top thing....

[Wanders off to do some research on JEM fashions that use bodysuits....]

Ack, I just realized that said bodysuit is part of 'Permanent Wave' -- that early Kimber fashion with the pink-and-white tiger-striped jacket. Hurk, eeeyick, what a terrible adaption. If anything, the mesh part should have been white or another shade of pink. Even the main part of the bodysuit is the wrong shade of pink. (And just what IS it with eBay auctioneers dressing Pizzazz in the Holograms' fashions? That Pizzazz that I paid for but never received was in the Jem dress and now this...)

Anyway, I guess that means I shouldn't seam-rip that one. I'll make do with the teal bodysuit that doesn't fit Stormer -- I can broaden and lengthen it by adding extra seam-allowance. I can practice on something other than the navy fabric, too.

I also want to make the "How Does It Feel?" fashions. Pizzazz, I can do as a one-piece like the Tenko outfits; I just have to modify the neckline. Roxy has to be a two-piece design like the teal thing I am ripping apart for a pattern. And Stormer will take a design cue from Rock 'n' Curl Jem's dress.

Even though I don't have a Jetta yet and really don't anticipate being able to get one for a while, I've been thinking about designing a similar outfit for her. Much in the way that she got a themed outfit for the second video-version of "Welcome to the Jungle", I want to include her in this. The thing is, it's a little difficult thinking up a way to make her outfit unique. I could just modify the design of the Pizzazz suit, but I don't want to.

Pizzazz really has no clear 'theme' to the style of her outfits -- she wears anything -- and she'd be easy to come up with something for. Stormer's probably the 'girliest' of the Misfits, preferring short-skirted dresses or dress-and-tights combos. Roxy seems to prefer keeping her arms and legs covered, for the most part. With Jetta, I guess the most common thing for her outfits is the fact that she wears jackets? Which makes it hard to adapt to the "How Does It Feel?" outfits because they are supposed to be all sleek.

If anyone reading this has some ideas, please let me know. And just for ease of reference, here's Pranceatron's Cartoon Wardrobe for the "Glitter and Gold" episode.

D.L. SchizoAuthoress [userpic]

G3 Galaxy for jupiter_oski (MLP Arena)

May 8th, 2008 (03:53 pm)

This pony is a thank-you gift for jupiter_oski on the MLP Arena. She loaned my her Garden Wishes unicorn for a photoshoot, and was very patient with me even though it took me a while to finish. So I offered to make a custom for her and she gave me a list of customs she would like to receive. Once I found G3 pony "Sunrise Song", I knew that I would make her a version of Galaxy!

The pink pony is Galaxy. ^_^

Click here for photos of the customCollapse )

ETA: link to the thread on MLP Arena -- http://mlparena.com/Forums/viewtopic/t=156158.html

D.L. SchizoAuthoress [userpic]

Baby Skyflier Custom

April 30th, 2008 (11:24 pm)

Viewable here: http://mlparena.com/Forums/viewtopic/p=1862976.html#1862976

D.L. SchizoAuthoress [userpic]

My Customs Collection as of April 15th, 2008

April 16th, 2008 (09:57 pm)

I don't normally display my ponies like this, but Traggie's and AC's have been hanging around my candle display and it worked out. This is by no means all the customs that I own...I probably have easily this many that were made by me. And in fact, only eight of the ponies pictured were made by other customizers. The others I added because I either haven't shown them off, or I never got good pictures of them before.

Top row: Haley's Comet, BrendaNicole (Beginners Swap 2007); Romero the Zombie, BrendaNicole (SciFi Swap 2007)
Second row: My WIP alt-pose Argie Skyflier, Monochrome Cotton Candy, Traxxx; G3 Baby Boy Punk Mimic, Traxxx (a gift!); Monochrome Snuzzle, Traxxx; Royal (Majesty's husband in my herd), by me
Third row: Sacred Heart, by me; Inside Out, AeraCura (Song Pseudo-Swap); Anamnesis the Holy Communion pony, YourLoveOnly (Christian Custom Swap); Creme de Methe, by me
Bottom row: Pudgie Skyflier, mermaid_splash; Princess Anemone, by me; Dryad, by me

D.L. SchizoAuthoress [userpic]

Hah! Stormer, you haven't beaten me yet!

February 27th, 2008 (12:04 pm)

I know exactly what hair blend to use for this bitch. (Which I say fondly)

Forget-Me-Not/After Midnight from Dollyhair.

Hahahahaha! Yes! ::thusts fist into the air in victory::

D.L. SchizoAuthoress [userpic]

Cry for help

February 11th, 2008 (12:24 pm)

Message to self-- When funds are available, purchase from Dollyhair:
+ Bougainvillea and Hyacinth for Floral Hippo (funny how she ended up with flower-named hair colors, given her name)
+ Starlight/Moonlight blend for Cancer-stellation Pony WIP


I had to put aside my Jem-bies for a while now. Room is an absolute wreck, Pony parts everywhere, and I'm thinking of packing it in for March (Have to finish my Valentine twins). April and May will probably be dedicated to "Schiz Trek 3: The Search for Twenty Ponies of the Same Pose" and OMG!GIRL, YOU CRACIE--Making the Gen3 Steedback Army. Possibly June as well, though I'm planning to do all the painting in late April and all the rehairing in May, rehairing takes me a long time so it may overflow into June.

That SAID, I want to be able to work on my Jem-bies in March. So I've compiled a list of hair colors. Not saying that they'll be DONE in March...my only goal is to have the makeup painted, and possibly finishing Pizzazz. (She is displeased that I haven't finished her...she's been sending me bad dreams hot yet disturbing dreams of the Flash molesting Batman, in costume. True story. Except for maybe the part where Pizzazz gave 'em to me...)


Kimber -- Sugarberry
Raya -- Strawberry Mousse/Watermelon Martini blend, or just plain Strawberry Mousse
Jem -- Pussycat/Candy Tuft blend, with Golden Sun or Goldilocks underneath
Aja -- Bobby Blue/Atomic Turquoise blend OR Atomic Turquoise/Water Nixie
Shana -- CustomPony "Blooming Lilac" (I'm guessing it matches Dollyhair "Wysteria", but since I have the CP skein...)

Stormer -- CustomPony "Deep Sea" (an exclusive color)? Not sure.
Pizzazz -- CustomPony "Lightning Bolt" (AKA Dollyhair "Electric Banana")
Roxy -- White Witch (::giggle:: Appropriate name.) or White Witch/Blizzard blend (Blizzard is a matte, true white; White Witch has hints of silver)
Jetta -- Black Magick (again, appropriate, given her opposition to Roxy) with streaks of leftover Starlight/Moonlight from Cancer-stellation since there's no way I'm putting tinsel in.
Clash -- Sour Grapes if I decide on Season 3 Clash, Sugarberry and Sea Nymph if I go with Season 2 Clash

Not trying to match the dolls (save Pizzazz, how can I pass up that glorious green?) but rather, the cartoon. Freakin' Stormer, though...Not sure that any color offered by Dollyhair or CustomPony will match her.

The boy unicorn with the stars on his rump is the only example I have saved to my files of the Deep Sea color. I think it's too dark, but the only color that Dollyhair offers that comes close to Stormer's is "Phthalo Blue" which is freakin' saran hair, and I don't have any experience rehairing with saran/katsilk type hair.

My other choice would be Forget Me Not, which is a medium blue color, but it looks rather drab. I suppose I could blend Forget Me Not and Bobby Blue...that might work. But oh, I am not sure at all. Bobby Blue is nylon hair that is slightly lighter and more vibrant that the saran Phthalo Blue. Looking at it on my monitor, though, I keep thinking Aja instead of Stormer.

Hm. Well, if you'd like to help, here's the link to Dollyhair's Nylon hair order page. It has all the colors:


D.L. SchizoAuthoress [userpic]

Jem T-Shirt Design

November 12th, 2007 (01:17 pm)

Click on this link to my Shirt Designs gallery. Here you'll find two versions of "clean up" that I did on a Jem Tank Top image. The image is from an actual vintage shirt (not like the artificially distressed shirts that are all the rage nowadays).

Since I'm not sure about the copyright and usability of the design, I'll have to ask that if you DO print this out for a shirt, that you do so not-for-profit. That is, don't sell the thing. I just did this for fun, and since I know there are other Jemfans out there, I decided to provide it to you all.

D.L. SchizoAuthoress [userpic]

Practice makes perfect only if you have a small brush and steady hand

September 30th, 2007 (10:31 am)

About a year ago, I made several Barbies from the thrift store into Jem dolls. I spent the hours when I wasn't working or out with my boyfriend at the time sewing doll clothes. I couldn't afford paint or colored nylon/saran hair, so I used permanent marker back then.

But now that I have the practice, supplies, and funds, I'm remaking my girls. They will all have the new "bellybutton" body mold (though some will keep the old heads) and be rehaired and repainted. The marker stained the vinyl badly on almost all of them, save Shana and Kimber. I'm not very sure about Jem/Jerrica...she's always had a blue spot on her face, so I just might make her over completely, even though she has the proper body and hair.

Anyway, the first doll I chose to remake was Pizzazz, from a "Summer" doll (Summer has green eyes, so I didn't have to repaint her eyes. Because each "bellybutton" body still has the little plastic deal with the hooks to keep the head on (Barbie collectors, you know what I mean), one of my spare "Twist n Turn" bodies that's missing the plastic neck piece is being used to model the heads.

Topless, Hairless Pizzazz Under CutCollapse )

Stormer's hair originally gave me a whole heap of trouble. The dark blue marker I used to color her hair wouldn't stick to the saran, and stained her vinyl face. In fact, the doll head used in the 'Photo Shoot' pictures on my DeviantArt account is her second head, with a blue wig sewn onto her head. Yes, sewn. It looks REALLY bad in real life.

Stormer's makeup, though, is too heavy to salvage her head (marker stains were really bad on ALL the Misfits). Kimber's face mold matches Stormer's, so I repainted that one to become Stomer. They're such close friends!

Bald, Possessed-Looking Stormer Under CutCollapse )

Well, I hope you liked the 'progress report' I put together for you. Oh, and Pizzazz has something to say:

I'm going to get my girls together before I let Schiz make any of the Holo-jerks, so don't you Misfit fans worry. And Schiz has been nice enough to give me a few locks of hair since these pictures were taken...soon, you'll be able to see me in ALL my glory. Don't forget to bring sunglasses...I'm told that my glory can be blinding for you mere mortals! Hahahaha...

Oh, lovely, Schiz. I think you made her ego even bigger.

Uh, Stormer? I'm over here.

Well, if you'd paint me some eyes, we wouldn't have this problem, now would we?


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